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1949 - Company's Founding

Elisabeth and Wilhelm Zorn started their business in 1949 with just one simple idea: to provide insulated soft-sided thermal covers for tea, coffee, and breakfast eggs to the neighboring towns of Hessen, Germany. Based in their small home village of Romrod, their initial idea led to the successful creation of the first locally made soft cooler bags for outdoor use.

1953 - Expansion and Relocation

Looking for a larger manufacturing and distribution facility in order to expand their product line, Elisabeth and Wilhlem Zorn moved to Inheiden in 1953. In the following years, the Zorn products quickly became synonymous with quality and superior thermal insolated cooler products within the outdoor and sports industry in Germany. 

1980 - Manfred Zorn

Beginning in 1980, Elizabeth & Wilhelm’s son Manfred took over the business and transformed the Zorn name into a worldwide recognized family brand, expanding the product range to include thermoelectric coolers, PU foam passive coolers, high performing ice packs, as well as the original soft cooler bags. 


Today, the third generation of Zorns has successfully taken over the business, with three of Manfred’s sons; Maximilian, Philipp, and Christian continuing the long Zorn family history in the cooler business.

The three brothers continue to create innovative, high-quality, and category-leading outdoor products, with their current focus being the development of new solutions for environmentally and ecologically friendly,  as well as energy efficient, thermoelectric coolers.

The Zorn GmbH headquarters are located at Ezetilstraße 1 – D 35410 Hungen –  Inheiden, Germany (approx. 60 km north of Frankfurt).

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